Advantages of Remote Working

There are many advantages of working from home, and these are not limited only to the employee and the employer. Some of the most important advantages are:


There are many advantages of working from home, and these are not limited only to the employee and the employer. Some of the most important advantages are:

1. Cost savings for the employer:

They no longer need to establish and maintain big office spaces, often in the form of expensive urban real estate, to bring people together to work. In addi- tion to buying or renting office space, the employer also has to arrange for office security, lighting, air conditioners, and

cafeteria among other expenses. Even if 50 % of the employees choose to work from home or employees start to work 50 % from their own homes, employers can realize significant savings.

2. Reduced travel expenses:

Official travel used to be another major expenditure item for most employers. Many employers paid both local travel allowances as well as bear the costs of international travel for their employees WFH will significantly reduce these costs.

3. No worries about work permits or visas:

Even multinational employers have to set up their office spaces within specific national boundaries. For global employers, one of the major challenges is to obtain the required work permits for their staff. Almost all countries in the world have some type of restriction on who they will allow to work in their

countries and how many employees an employer can bring in. This restricted the Tolent pool from which employers could recruit from. WEH eliminates this constraint, creating opportunity for a truly global workforce to be put in place.

4. Minimal disruption to personal life:

Employees who aspired to improve their career potential often had to move between cities (and often countries) as part of mobility in their own organiza tions or when moving to a new employer This caused significant challenges in their personal lives. Employed spouses often had to leave their jobs (or be separated from their partners), children had disrupted education and the entire family sacrificed their personal and social networks they created at their current work bases.

5. Maximum personal and family time:

In addition to shifting away from their base to another location to work, most employees also had to undergo the daily commute to their workplaces. Depending on the city, this could be anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours every day. When people opt to work from home this saves the time spent for travel and which is available to be spent for the family, friends or self.


6. Reduced load on transport infrastructure:

When millions of employees are moving around every day commuting to and from work, the society has to create transport infrastructure to meet with this huge demand. This ranges from big road networks to public transport systems. WFH arrangement will reduce this load on the transport infrastructure, making roads less congested and saving time for everybody in turn,

7. Reversing ‘brain drain‘:

As mobility invariably resulted in economic advantages, there was a global trend for people to migrate from the villages to cities and from developing countries

to the developed countries. This denuded villages and developing countries of a lot of local talent which also reflected in the quality of governance in these places. When such a situation arises where the best people could continue to stay wherever they are and take full economic advantage of the global workplace, it will enhance the local talent pool in those places that are currently impacted by brain drain.


Muralee Thummarukudy, Operations Manager,

United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva, Switzerland

Neeraja Janaki, Career Mentor, Ernakulam, Kerala


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