Alternative Ways to Evaluate Your Life


Right now you are happy. But you know that could change at a moment. That’s life! Are you prepared for that change?

Are you close to anything that looks like happiness? Or is contentment worlds away? Have you started hating your studies, tasks or job? Are you missing your targets? Are you returning home late? Has depression, anxiety,, anger , smoking, drinking befriended you? Is chest pain, tiredness, insomnia, loneliness true of you? Are you feeling low as low could be? Are you wasting hours on mindless tasks? Any hangovers … becoming too much? Where is all these leading you to? It could either destroy yourself completely or you can completely change!

Health? Wealth? Definitely , running away from reality or life is not the solution.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. “–Lao Tzu

Life has its own worries. But you should not be all right with a miserable life. Your cur- rent life should not take you back to your old life… you must do everything in your power to keep away from that way.

Now, the alternative would be getting up early, running, meditating, having some healthy drink, listening to music , reading, …


The alternative to having daily anxiety and being mired in depression is figuring out that you can not do it yourself . Build yourself up by seeking from the Almighty, strength, grace, wisdom, love, joy, peace, patience and perseverance.

The alternative to continue with the studies or remaining in a job you hated is to find from the scriptures like the Bible-truth, that brings confidence and joy. Soon you will embrace empathy and love. Work hard at it .

The alternative to your current life is in feeling acceptable, belong to and long for.

Make the best choices that will help you grow in goodness. Start saying, right now! love the life I am living. I am happy with my life and most importantly, myself. The best alternative is choose life. That’s the best decision you will ever make. Remain in it

Alternative ideas to consider

Here are seven alternative ideas to consider for evaluating ourselves as we go along:

1. At the end of the day, ask yourself “Did today matter?” Spend a long time thinking back on your to-do list reviewing your calendar .

Did today matter? If yes, great. Do more things like it tomorrow. Can’t remember anything in particular that made a differ ence? Well, better change it up.


2. Define life and success at the out:  set of every day, or the night before. Decide what you’d like to see happen by the end of the day. Be sure to prioritise. What’s , most important? What is realistic to achieve?

3. Remind yourself of your Top 3 priorities in life. Do less-but do it better.

 4. Do those thing you often put off Procrastinators – do what you’ve been put ting off before you do anything else. Do not avoid it. Resist avoidance. It will work.

5. Create new metrics … to measure a lot of your goals If you’re seeking harmony or a different way to stay a track with your life, may be you need some new metrics–try something new: “Even day I will call one friend.” You may miss a couple of times , but the point is that if you got off track, find your way back.

6. Increase your units of momentary happiness. Think of those times where you actively felt happy. Do more of them How many times did you feel happy day? Where did those moments come from? How can you have more of them?

7. If the idea of defining life-success proves elusive, take a different approach. Write down your answers. The best soli tion will spring to your mind, or at lea orient you in the right direction.

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