Blogger vs WordPress – Which One to Choose for Blogging in 2022?

So all our new blogger brothers always have a problem, I also had the same problem that after all, it would be right to choose which platform is Blogger or WordPress, so in today’s post, I will tell you Blogger vs WordPress.
They have platforms such as WIX, Tumblr, etc. for blogging and also from Bohot. But the two main platforms on which a professional website can be created are Blogger and WordPress.
So these two platforms are the most commonly used. Both platforms have different features and disadvantages too. But in one more thing, it is clear that it also depends on which platform is right

So in this article in friends, I will give you the full details of both the platforms, what are advantages or what are disadvantages, we will talk about all the things, then by the end, we will read the whole article.

Blogger vs Wordpress

What is Blogger?

So friends, as I told you earlier, blogging is a great platform for blogging, here you can start your own blog.

And the best thing about this platform is that it is a product of Google, so you will not have any kind of problem.

In this platform, you get everything on the dashboard, such as a theme editor or all the other important things. The good thing is that if you have the knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) even a little bit, then you can easily customize it.

And the biggest point due to which this platform is used the most is that it’s a free service where you can start the website for absolutely free.

You will also find the domain here for free, but it will also have Let’s say you selected multigyan, then the domain you will get for free will be

And it is not that the hosted site does not rank on the blogger, you can see if you can do the research yourself. You can also put your own custom domain on blogger.

So if you want to create a website from blogger, then it will cost you only to take the domain.

But if you don’t want to do that too, then you get the domain for free.

Blogger Pros:

If you use blogger, then you do not need to take hosting, you can live your website on the internet without hosting.

You can take as many domains as you want for free. And it is also not that they do not rank the domain, blogger’s domain also comes in the top-level domain.

For Blogger, you will get online themes for free, through which you can easily create a professional blog or website.

The hosted site on Blogger is never down no matter how much traffic it takes.

Here you do not need to take an SSL certificate, you get the option to enable it for free in Blogger’s dashboard.

Blogger Cons:

If you create a website on Blogger, then you must have knowledge of HTML because it is based on the whole HTML.

Now because Blogger is based on HTML, you do not get the option to install any kind of plugin here, you have to implement anything by coding.

In Blogger, you can’t change your site in the whole way.  Like the URL etc., you don’t get the options of everything in it anywhere.

On Blogger, you don’t get to see customer support as good as you get on WordPress.

A professional website cannot be created on Blogger compared to WordPress. Because bloggers don’t have plugins installed or premium themes.

What is WordPress?

So let’s talk about what is WordPress? WordPress is a great and most usable blogging platform where you can create your own professional website or blog.

If you see, there are more advantages to WordPress than Blogger because you can design a blog, and change or create things as you wish here.

Whether you have HTML knowledge or not, you can do customization directly. And because you get the option to install plugins, then you can add things that will make your website great.

And so because you can install plugins from SEO, then if you install SEO plugins on your website, then you can think that you will get more help in SEO.

Now because WordPress gives you so much saree best facility, then you will have to pay something.  You don’t have to buy WordPress, but you have to purchase hosting.

And you have to take the domain. Online you will find many saree hosting companies which provide you with hosting at a cheap cost and also give the best services.

So you can install WordPress from there using those hosting. Before that, you have to purchase the domain and connect it to the hosting.

WordPress Pros:

In WordPress, you can install plugins. With the help of this, you can add different kinds of things to your blog or website and this will also benefit you in SEO.

If you use WordPress, even if you do not have the knowledge of HTML, you can do full customization without worrying about it.

It’s easy to do the menu or other customization in WordPress.

If you have any kind of trouble or problem in your WordPress panel, then you can talk about their customer support or your hosting provider’s customer support.

WordPress’s site ranks quickly rather than a blogger’s site. Now it is not that the hosted site on Blogger does not rank at all, but there is a little difference.

WordPress Cons:

The biggest con is that you can’t use WordPress for free. You have to purchase both hosting and domain only then you will be able to use it.

In WordPress, you get storage according to hosting, which means that you can store as much data as you have been given in your hosting plan. But bloggers don’t have that you can store as much data as you want. But if you buy a good hosting plan, then you get the option of unlimited storage in it.

Blogger vs WordPress

So friends, as you read about both Blogger and WordPress and also seen some of their Pros and Cons, then you will understand a little bit that which is a much better platform. WordPress without a doubt.

But before that, we have to compare both the platforms in a little more detail. So let’s now point to point out all the things about Blogger vs WordPress.


Talking about installation, Blogger is the winner. Because in WordPress, first you have to purchase hosting, then install WordPress and setup, then a little things become more, but not at all difficult.

There is nothing like this in Blogger, just you have to create an account and start writing articles by uploading the theme. So blogger is better in terms of installation.


In terms of cost, blogger vs wordpress is the winner here. Because as I told you earlier that you have to purchase a separate hosting for WordPress, then you can use WordPress and you have to take the domain, then in the case of WordPress, the cost is a little more.

Blogger doesn’t have to do that just you have to connect the domain, you don’t have to buy some hosting.


Blogger is also great in terms of control here. Because you don’t get much things on Cookie Blogger and because you don’t need to connect to cookie hosting, then you don’t need to manage that too.

But that’s not the case in WordPress at all. You also have to maintain the hosting with WordPress, but once you have learned, then there is no more difficult task.


Features are the most important points and the winner of this point is WordPress without any doubt. Because in WordPress you get the most features so that you can push your blog or website or say and make it better. Such as the feature of plugins etc.

Blogger doesn’t have that you don’t get many features. Simple get a layout, you have to work in it. Coding is the only way to change or implement.


In terms of security also, you will get the best WordPress and WordPress is the winner because in WordPress you can use many types of plugins, then you can install plugins for some security on it and use them easily.

Blogger does not install any kind of plugins, so you do not get to see any kind of security in it.


In the case of storage, blogger can be the winner here, it is not even mean to say that there is no doubt that you get unlimited storage in Blogger, but you can also get unlimited storage in WordPress.

If you buy a good plan hosting. In some plans, there is no unlimited hosting and in some, then you can take any plan according to your need.


In the case of support here, we can say that WordPress is more great because you get contact support from Bohot from WordPress and from there you get a reply quickly. And you can also talk to your hosting provider if you have any problem.

But the contact support you get in Blogger, you do not get a reply so quickly, but it is also not that you will not be helped on it.


In WordPress, you get the option of automatic backup. It either comes with your hosting plan or you can also do it with the help of plugins. WordPress is the best in terms of backup.

But if you talk about Blogger, then here you have to take a backup manually. But his method is also not very difficult, you can easily get back up in blogger.


SEO i.e. search engine optimization there is no doubt that WordPress is better. And this is the most important point for the blogger. Due to plugins, SEO’s work becomes asana in WordPress, which increases the chances of ranking.

But due to the absence of the option of plugins in blogger, blogger is left behind, but again I will say that it is not even this, the blogger’s site does not rank. You just have to take care of everything.


So, friends, I hope you liked this article and whatever I explained to you through this article, you have understood and you will have got all the details of Blogger vs WordPress.

So for today, friends, if you have to ask anything related to Blogger vs WordPress, then you must comment and tell. We will meet you again in our next article until then keep exploring our blog and also keep learning new things.

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