Drawing the Boundary between Your Personal and Professional Life


When people start to work from home, everybody must get used to the fact that you are still at work. You may decide to constantly mix between office work and personal work, your children or parents may not understand that you are working and may seek our attention and assistance. You may have guests coming home and you feel obliged to attend. As a professional employee it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep enough time to do the professional work.

Prepare a work schedule:

How much time you spend in the office does not have any significance. Whether you are capable of doing your work is what matters rather than how much time you spend every day at work. Talk to your supervisor and fix your working hours in advance. It is best to follow an agreement so that everyone in the team will be at work for at least five to six hours per day while working from home.

In such a situation, in case your work hours do not get along with that of your colleague’s, you should inform your convenient hours in advance. Ask other team members to notify you of their convenient times too. Moreover, your family should be aware of your schedule so that you can minimize their interference into your work time.

Dress code:

Is it acceptable if you wear a housecoat or shorts while working from home? Actually, this is not a good practice! While fully dressing up in a three-piece-suit while working from home is not necessary, it is always better to wear formal attires during office hours, even if you work from the home office. Behaving formally in the home office would be beneficial for two reasons. Firstly , you may have to attend regular official meetings, where you are expected to appear formal and tidy. Secondly, it may help you to be more consistent with your schedule and remind people at home that you are actually at work.


Keep personal and professional stuff separate:

Your home office must have sufficient storage facilities to hold your official documents safe. Vital records and documents must be kept confidential, and you are responsible for the same when it is in your home office. Remember that neglecting such things is totally unprofessional.


Muralee Thummarukudy, Operations Manager,

United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva, Switzerland

Neeraja Janaki, Career Mentor, Ernakulam, Kerala

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