How to Set Up a Home Office?

Set up of Home Office

While Work from Home (WFH) works, it is important that employees and employers both give good attention to creating conducive work spaces within the home environments. In the early period, when people assumed it was a temporary arrangement, having access to a laptop and Internet was all that was needed to set up a home office. However, as the situation perpetuated into a more long-term/permanent arrangement, it became important that the workspace at home was one that was more conducive to productive work.

Electricity and Internet connection: Uninterrupted electricity and a high-speed Internet connection are essential to make your WFH efforts bear fruit. It should be taken into consideration before you set up a home office or a remote work- station. If you work for a company or a client outside India, then it is a more serious issue.

There is bad reputation among foreigners about the physical amenities available in third-world countries. A power cut or interrupted network can reduce your work efficiency. Along with that, all such preconceptions will be proven right. Having an additional 4G data dongle in addition to a broadband connection and an inverter facility with at least two to three hours of back-up is essential if you are doing the job anywhere in India.

Home Office

Home office ergonomics:

An aver- age person spends eight hours a day in his/her office. You may also be working most of your time on a computer or a phone. Sitting in the same posture for a prolonged period of time, typing on computers, and looking at monitors, all of these can cause range of stressors on the body which, if not attended to, will lead to occupational illnesses.

Modern offices, including office furniture, are built factoring in these considerations. Besides, in each modern office, you may see occupational health advisors managing office ergonomics to ensure a healthy work environment. This may not be the case when someone works from their home office. So, therefore, it is important you understand the basics of ergonomics yourselves and ensure that you take the necessary actions so as to avoid long term occupational health hazards.


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