Points to keep in Mind to Build a Work from Home Office

Home Office

a) Office corner:

If possible, convert one of your rooms into your home office. You can bring the office atmosphere by making slight changes to it. You can convert any part of your house into your home office or working corner (the bedroom is not recommended). This should be an area where there is least interference from other family members and visitors.

b) Office Equipment:

Assemble electronic equipment such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. Keep a desktop calendar, writing pad, sticky note, a pen stand, a comfortable desk, and a five-wheeled chair that allows you to sit for up to eight hours a day. Depending on the nature of the work, multiple monitors or other equipment may be required. A background-noise cancelling headphone is a must if you have to spend long hours on phone calls .

c) Posture:

You can sit on a bean bag or a chair when you work for an hour or two. But when you start to work from home for extended periods of time, invest in a good office table and chair which are ergonomically designed. Choose a chair that supports your spinal curves along with an armrest and headrest. Make sure that the chair can be adjusted according to your height to reach the desk/monitor . Also, adjust the height of the chair so that you can keep your feet on the floor and thighs parallel to the floor. Use a footrest if necessary.

Keep your keyboard and mouse together at a comfortable distance to reach out. Make sure that you can keep your wrists straight and your hands slightly below the elbow. While sitting, the knees should not touch anywhere under the desk. Avoid keeping stuff under your desk. Before start to work, you also need to fix the height of the desk.


d) Monitor:

Keep the monitor roughly at one hand’s distance away from your eyes. The brightness of your monitor should be of the same intensity as your room.

e) Lighting:

Lighting in the room is another important point to be considered. Make sure that there is enough light in your room.

(f) Attending phone calls:

Always keep your office phone nearby. Do not keep the phone/receiver between your head and neck while continuing to type or attending to any other work. Instead use a headphone or speaker.

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