What can you do? What can Google Assistant do for you?

What you can do: Today, those who have a mobile phone think of their mobile as their friend and they want to talk to him. And today mobile is the only thing that is the best means of inspiring people’s minds. Nowadays, people prefer such mobiles in which Google Assistant can be used. That means they can talk to him. There are a lot of people who ask a variety of questions to Google Assistant, one of the same questions is what can you do?

In this post today, I’m going to answer the “What can you do” question. However, when you use Google Assistant, you should know what Google Assistant can do? Because in answer to this question, the answer to your question is hidden. Many people search in Google by not asking the same question to Google Assistant. So you just read this post, after all the doubts related to your questions, what can you do will be cleared.

What can you do

What can you do? (What Google Assistant can do?)

Google Assistant is a digital assistant that can understand your voice or answer the questions you ask. It can control your entire device by staying in your device. That is, when you say ok google what you can do, you will get the answer to this question immediately. Also, you can ask any question or give it an order like play a song on YouTube, or tell a good joke. It’s always ready at your service.

When you ask Google Assistant what you can do, they may not be able to give a full answer. That’s why here we understand you in the language of Google Assistant what it can do.

  1. I can control your device and your smart home appliances.
  2. I can give details of online guidelines, weather, news, nearby restaurants, etc.
  3. I can play the song.
  4. I can tell you the information related to the calendar.
  5. I can set up an appointment.
  6. I can open the message and make a call.
  7. I can open apps on your phone.
  8. I can set up a timer and reminder for you.
  9. I can read the notice for you.
  10. I can book tickets or hotels online and tell you the flight timings.

Not only that, there are many more tasks that Google Assistant can do. If you are going to use it for the first time or you have not used it then you will find its features very attractive.

Ok Google, what can you do? What can Google Assistant do for you?

Google Assistant is able to understand your points and answer commands or questions. It is similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. It answers all your questions in your own way.

If any smartphone already has a Google Assistant activated, then in front of that device you will speak Ok Google, and then Google Assistant will immediately become active and listen to the words you say. Simply put, you can ask anything from Google Assistant by saying Ok Google. Like bring the phone closer to you and say “Ok Google what can you do”. Your questions will be answered immediately thereafter.

Ok, apart from speaking Google, if you keep pressing the Home button in your smartphone for a little longer, you can still activate the Google Assistant. You can then ask questions by clicking on the Mic icon.

Can you call?

Many people also want to know if Google Assistant can make a call or not. The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Do you mean to say Google should call you? So it is not possible. But Google Assistant can definitely call someone from your device. For this, you can give him the voice command “Ok Google, call (Name)”. After this you do nothing, according to what you say, the call will start connecting.

Can you love?

People also want to know from Google Assistant whether they can love it or not. People think that someone is talking to them, that is, a girl is talking to them. But it’s your mistake, Google Assistant has been created because of this so that it can talk to you in your style. He’s not someone who can love anyone. But she can definitely answer your questions in different ways so that you will also like to talk to her. But it is clear that you can’t love Google Assistant.

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Other questions related to what you can do

Can you sing a song?

Google Assistant can’t sing itself, but it can definitely play any song on Google or YouTube for you.

Can you marry me?

Google Assistant is just a service that can talk to you, and understand what you say. He is not a person, nor is there any emotion in him. Google Assistant can’t marry you.

What do you eat?

Google Assistant has been created by Google’s engineers to talk to you and answer your questions. It just needs an internet connection and a little bit of electricity to run.

Where do you live?

When you ask Google Assistant where you live, you will get the answer that it lives on your device. There is no special place to stay, it is a service that is offered in every Android smartphone nowadays.


In this post today I told you a very important question about what you can do. I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, share it with other people as well. If you want to ask any other questions from this post, let us know by commenting.

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